What is chawanmushi? Basically, Chawanmushi translates to ‘teacup steamed egg custard’.  Chawan means tea cup and mushi means steam in Japanese. The egg mixture is literally steamed in tea cups. Chawanmushi is made with eggs, dashi stock, soy sauce, salt, and mirin ( skip the mirin because I’m omitting the alcohol thing for my recipe) and filled with ingredients such as chicken, prawns, kamaboko, mushrooms, and then drizzled with ankake sauce.

1. Beat the eggs gently in a medium bowl. Ensure that the eggs do not foam. 2. Mix chicken powder, dashi, soy sauce, salt, sugar, and water. Then, stir slowly until well combined.

3. Place mushrooms, shrimp, and crab sticks in a cup. 4. Pour the egg mixture into the cup while straining it until it's 3/4 full. Cover the cup with plastic wrap, then poke some holes in the top. 5. Heat the steamer until the steam rises. Reduce the heat, and place the cup into the steamer slowly. Cover the steamer, increase the heat again, and steam for 5-7 minutes. Then, reduce the heat and continue steaming for 10 minutes.