Let’s make these Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Fritters. Super delicious recipe made from juicy chicken with tender broccoli inside, and melting cheese fry until crispy golden. Such an easy, delicious, and ready in under 30 minutes recipe. Try it today!

1. Prepare a skillet with water, then boil the broccoli until tender. Then, drain it. 2. Finely chop the broccoli using a knife, then set it aside. 3. Prepare a medium-sized bowl, pour in ground chicken, broccoli, mozzarella cheese, dill, eggs, bread crumbs, and seasoning, then mix until well combined.

4. Rub your hands with a little oil, then take a few spoonfuls of the mixture and shape them into mini patties. Repeat this step until you've used all the mixture. 5. Heat oil in a non-stick skillet over medium heat, then cook the patties until both sides are golden brown.