Chicken Nori Roll is an Asian-Korean Inspired snack dish but make it low-key simple! A humble version of Gimmari with a twist of ingredients. Instead of glass noodles, I changed the ingredients with chicken and wrapped and rolled in nori and rice paper for a super crispy texture! Try this recipe at home and you know why is it addicting and mouthwatering!

1. Place all the chicken batter ingredients to a food processor then grind until the chicken breast is smooth. Transfer the chicken batter to a piping bag. 2. Cut nori in a half then line on working surface. Squeeze the chicken batter onto nori sheet then roll up neatly. Brush water on the tip of the nori roll to seal the roll.

3. Cut rice paper in a half, dip rice paper in a water until the entire wrapper has been moistened then place it on your working surface. Roll the chicken nori with a moistened rice paper. Cut using scissors into 3 parts then fry 4. Cut the chicken nori rolls using scissors into 3 parts then fry in a cooking oil over medium heat until nice and golden. After the chicken nori rolls are cooked, rest it on a cooling rack to remove excess oil.