Tilted Brush Stroke

The nickname “Dalgona” apparently comes from a type of traditional candy in South Korea, namely Dalgona candy.  The name ‘Dalgona’ on Dalgona Coffee refers to the appearance of a whipped coffee similar to the appearance of Dalgona’s candy. Both of them have a light brown color and also a soft texture. Not to mention, both the whipped coffee at Dalgona Coffee and also the circle-shaped Dalgona candy.

This recipe is perfect for any coffee morning lover. It’s so easy to make with instant coffee as the main ingredient, you don’t need to brew other barista things to make this enjoyable coffee. Because let’s be real – who really wants to wait forever in the morning for their wake-up morning dose of coffee? I love being able to start my productive activity in the early morning with a nice, bittersweet cookie cream Dalgona recipe.

Milk Mixture

Coffee Mixture


1. Put cookies into a glass and crush them. Pour milk into the glass and stir until well combined. 2. In a separate glass, dissolve espresso powder with hot water. Stir until mixed. Add brown sugar and whisk until soft peak. 3. Add ice cubes into the glass then add the milk mixture and finally pour the coffee mixture. Garnish it with cookie crumbs on top. Enjoy!

Voila! Here it is your energy boosting for your morning coffee, cookies, and cream Dalgona coffee. Let the flavors dance on your palate as you indulge in this decadent and visually pleasing beverage. Cheers to a wonderful day ahead!