WHAT IS SAMBAL? That is the same question for me actually, I still don’t know what is sambal nor does the definition I found in Google not exist. However, generally speaking, it refers to something spicy, as in chili hot. For the most part, when we say sambal, many of us are thinking about spicy condiments such as dipping sauce but with a coarser texture of the condiments. So sambal is a spicy dish and can be a condiment or a side dish.

1. Crush datil pepper, red curly chilies, shallot, garlic, and tomato with a chopper until almost smooth. 2. Heat cooking oil over medium heat then add sambal mixture to the pan. 3. Add bay leaves and lemongrass and season it with salt, sugar, and mushroom stock powder. Keep stirring until cooked and the water content is low because that is what will make the tomato sambal last longer.