Ichigo daifuku Mochi is a classic modification of Japanese dessert. This eye-catching dish is a cute strawberry wrapped in sweet red bean paste and homemade mochi. Let’s make this irresistible dessert from scratch at home! Whether you’ve grown up tasting daifuku or are completely new to it, this recipe is designed through the process of crafting this beautiful and delicious dessert.

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Mochi Story

Mochi is a Japanese treat (wagashi) made from glutinous rice. Traditionally it is pounded into a paste with water and enjoyed as it is, rolled in flavorings like roasted soybean powder or filled with fillings like red bean paste.

Meanwhile, Ichigo daifuku is Mochi that has been stuffed with a filling. This strawberry mochi is a kind of daifuku, known as Ichigo daifuku, mostly found in the seasonal fruit season.


Red Bean

Cooking Oil



Glutinous Rice Flour




Cooking Oil


Thick Brush Stroke

Red Bean Paste

1. Pressure cook red beans and water over medium heat for 40 minutes. After 40 minutes, drain the red beans leaving a bit of water, then transfer it to a blender and blender until smooth. 2. Place the red beans into a non stick pan, then add sugar, salt, and cooking oil and cook over small heat. Keep stirring until the red beans paste is thicken and no longer stick to a pan and silicone spatula. Let it cool.


1. In a mixing bowl, combine glutinous rice flour, cornstarch, sugar, milk and cooking oil. Stir it with whisk until there is no lump. 2. Grease the dish and pour the mochi mixture. Steam the mochi mixture for 25 minutes.

3. While the mochi is steamed, roast the glutinous rice flour over small heat until light and the color is slightly yellowish. Place it to a small bowl and set aside. 4. After the mochi is cooked, place it to a silicone mat. Knead the mochi dough until the oil is fully adsorbed and the mochi is stretchy.


1. Divide the red bean paste about 25 g each, then cover the fresh strawberry with red bean paste until fully covered. 2. Divide the mochi into 10 portions, and dust it with some roasted flour to prevent it sticking then flatten it with wooden roller. 3. Wrap in red bean paste and strawberry, and pinch the mochi to seal. You can serve immediately or refrigerate first. Enjoy!

Finally, You can serve immediately or refrigerate first. Enjoy your Homemade Ichigo Daifuku Mochi, eat more save more because homemade is always much better!