Japanese Takoyaki is a side dish in the form of small balls made from wheat flour dough and filled with pieces of octopus. Cook this side dish using a special mold. Takoyaki is one of Japan’s most iconic street foods that has captured the hearts of people all over the world. This side dish originates from the Kansai region, especially Osaka, and is now a favorite throughout Japan and even internationally.

1. Prepare a blender and mix flour, rice flour, dashi, egg, milk, soy sauce, baking powder, and water until smooth and lump-free. Let it sit for about 15 minutes

2. Next, heat the takoyaki pan over medium heat and brush oil over the entire surface. Pour the batter into the center of the pan, filling all the wells until the batter covers the entire plate 3. Place one piece of octopus and chopped green onion into each well

4. When the bottom of the batter is starting to crispy, move your skewer in an ‘L’ shape around each hole. Pour a small amount of the batter into each hole and immediately push it into the hole to turn the batter over, forming a rough ball shape 5. Continue turning each ball occasionally until the batter is crispy and golden brown on all sides 6. Transfer takoyaki into a serving plate, and add takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise, nori flakes, and katsuobushi