Are you a fan of K-drama movies? Korean Popcorn chicken must be so popular for you. Gochujang sauce has a unique taste for spicy lovers. I will tell you why! It tastes spicy with balancing subtle sweetness notes, which for sure will make you addicted.

Korean Food and The Sauces

There are many Korean sauces we can find in Korean food that have a blend of sweet, salty, spicy, and one of them is gochujang sauce.

Gochujang Sauce

Gochujang sauce is one of the famous Korean cuisine ingredients. Gochujang’s name comes from the term Gochu means red chili and Jang which means paste. To make this sauce all you need is fine Korean chili powder, fermented soybeans, glutinous rice, and a pinch of salt. The texture of Gochujang sauce is thick and sticky from glutinous rice.

The Ingredients

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1. Cut the chicken breast into bite-size. Set aside. 2. In a bowl, combine all the dry ingredients.

3. Add ¼ cup of the dry mixture and 2 tbsp water into the chicken breast. 4. Next, to start making popcorn chicken, put the chicken one by one in a dry mixture. Make sure the chicken is even spreadly coating. Do it in batches.

5. Fry the popcorn chicken until golden brown. Don’t crowd the pan, fry the popcorn chicken in several batches. 6. Store on a cooling rack.

7. In a big bowl, combine gochujang paste, ketchup, and sesame oil. 8. Stir the popcorn chicken into the gochujang sauce until evenly spread.


Recipe Notes

– In coating the chicken, there will be smudges and flour clumps after the chicken is coating. You can divide flour for the secondary coating half in advance. Or you can use another bowl, so the wet and the dry flour will not mix and ruin the coating. – Don’t worry about the heat temperature when you cook, the popcorn chicken is so small in size compare with fried chicken. So, it will make cooked quickly. – I add some tomato sauce when making the gochujang sauce to give a more balancing taste of the sour and salty from soybean fermentation. However, it is based on your preference. You can use the gochujang sauce and sesame oil directly or you add some other sauce to make them taste lighter.