New York Roll

Dive into pastry paradise with the New York Roll, also known as the Supreme Roll. This New York Roll is A circular croissant dough, I made it easy with Danish pastry, filled with Chocolate cream and topped with a chocolate ganache and crumble and crunchy chopped nuts. The perfect mix between the United States and France which are So mouthwatering!

Have you heard about those trendy twisty pastries called Supreme Croissant from Lafayette Grand Cafe and Bakery in NYC? They’re like croissants but with a cool spiral-rounded shape, filled with creamy goodness, and topped with yummy stuff!



Dark chocolate chips


Whipped cream

Chopped nut

Danish Pastry


- Combine 2 sheets of Danish pastry by lightly moistening them with a little water and pressing them together at the connecting edges. - Roll from the top to the bottom. Then, trim the right and left edges to tidy them up. - Cut it into 5 pieces, then arrange them within the ring cutter. Proof for 1.5 hours. - For the egg wash: mix the egg and milk. Then apply it to the surface of the dough.

How To Make New York Roll

- For the filling: melt ¾ cup chocolate with whipping cream using the double boiler technique, then let it cool to room temperature. 

- Inject it into the croissant using a syringe and piping bag. - For the Top Coating: melt ¼ cup chocolate compound with a little butter. Then, dip the top surface and decorate with chopped nuts.