Yaki udon is a stir-fried Japanese udon noodle dish that typically features thick, chewy udon noodles sautéed and made with an assortment of vegetables and protein. It’s stir-fried with a savory sauce made of soy sauce and mirin. The noodles simmer just enough to absorb all that wonderful flavor from the stir-fry pan. The name of the dish translates to “fried udon”. “Yaki” refers to the cooking method of stir-frying, while “udon” indicates the type of noodles being used.

Ingredients Of Yaki Udon

How To Make Yaki Udon

1. In a small mixing bowl, combine all the sauce ingredients. Mix well and set aside. 2. Heat cooking oil over medium high, add shrimp and stir fry until both side of the shrimp change color. Remove from the pan. 3. Add cooking oil to the same pan, stir fry onion and garlic for 2 minutes than add carrot and mushroom and cook until the carrot are soften. Stir occasionally.

4. Add udon noodle, cooked shrimp, and sauce mixture then toss them together until well combined. Add scallion and stir for 1 minute. 5. Place yaki udon to a serving plate and serve immediately. Enjoy!